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2018 brides by @TheStylePath

Happy New Year !


Welcome back 2018 brides to be! It’s our year to shine. If I had a dollar for everyone who asked me this week it I was ready for ” my big year”, I could have already earned a new Givenchy bag.  The truth is, I can’t stop being nervous. Yes I am excited, but right now my nervous are getting the best of me. Before I dived back into wedding planning I wanted to tackle everyone’s favorite: New Years Resolutions.

Now I know for most ” bride to bes” there is the stigma of how much weight you have to loose or what your beauty routine needs to be to get wedding ready. Lucky for you, that’s about 1/2 the populations New Year’s Resolutions so there is plenty of tips on the way. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of those people cutting weight and pushing myself to the limit so I wanted to share what has worked for me in the passed. It wouldn’t be #thestylepathapproved if there wasn’t  five easy steps to getting back on track after the holidays ! In today’s blog, I share with you my secret to staying healthy and getting lean, after all we are ” sweating for the wedding”.

1. It all starts with food!

  • I think I’ve said this more than once before, you can’t have your goal body without the proper nutrition. I am a big believer in following a a clean diet. Clean meaning: no sugars, only healthy carbs , no processed foods, lots of fruits and veggies, and lean proteins. Now I understand that this isn’t always easy especially when traveling for work or pleasure so I try to be as realistic as possibly when choosing my meals.
  • Plan ahead: Meal prep is the biggest component of planning head and knowing what’s in your food and going into your body.    I pack my lunch for work everyday which saves money and also allows me to see what I’m eating. You should never be scrambling when your hungry, this only leads to failures.
  • Download MyFitnessPal: This free app is my all time best friend. It allows me to see what I am eating and exactly what I need to eat during the day. It’s simple to use and keeps me on track.
  • Hire Help: We spend so much money as brides already, why not hire a professional to get your eating right. I find nutritionists and dietitians to be extremely helpful when I’m struggling with food. They can set up easy to follow plans and answer any questions you may need.


2. Drink lots of Water: Not only does water help hydrate your skin but it helps to keep you focused, fuels, and full! If I get bored, I’ll add some fresh fruits or have one seltzer a day. But I try to drink at least 24+ ounces of water each day.

3. Switch up your workouts: Yes, I belong to a plethora of gyms and no that’s not what I’m saying! With that being said, finding  a workout you love is great however,  your body adapts quickly. Make sure you’re constantly being challenged and motivated. Changing up your workouts can make a huge difference in progression.

4. Cheat Meal: For sanity, allow yourself one cheat meal NOT day. Pick a meal each week you can’t live without and change it up. Depriving your body will only set you back and lead to bingeing. I find that having cheat meals planned can also keep you motivated: run five miles for that donut !

5. Take a rest day: Remember relaxing also helps to loose weight and meet goals. Take one rest day for recovery and do something for you to relax not only your muscles but your mind.

Happy Goal Getting!

Concetta Davi

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