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First come the Bling… now what?



Congratulations! You have made it past the engagement craze. Now here is the fun (I’ll use this term lightly) part.

If you’re anything like old me, you have not a single clue what you want. Let’s rewind, back to 2010 when I was crushing business classes at Monmouth University and ready to take over the world. I was never the kind of girl to want the big white horse and shinning armor. I dreamed big, but that never meant big wedding. Until I met my now fiance Mike back in 2011, I didn’t actually ever dream of a wedding at all. My vision of life before Mike was taking over the big apple and being the girl version of the Wolf on Wall Street… my my has that vision changed!

I digress, the point here is that when I got engaged I didn’t have a single clue as to what it was I wanted in a wedding. I knew exactly what was expected of me but that was far from my visions of what I wanted for myself. My family, is straight off the boat from Sicily. We don’t get much traditional than what we are and most of us don’t speak English. So when I told my dad my dream was to get married in Arizona Bri Bella Style, he put the Kabash on that faster than a cat in the wild. I was heart broken, but I knew making my dad happy was what I did best.

I took around one month to put together a list of 20 venues, none of which I knew anything about just what they looked like. Yes, I went to 20 venues and you know what I don’t regret it ! From each venue, I found what i loved and didn’t love and compiled a list and on a random Tuesday found my venue.

Whatever you decide to be your wedding vibes, make them your own. As you start to wedding plan, you will get into your own grove. Allow yourself to learn what YOU love and what you don’t. If you are one of those girls who dreamt of being barbie in a white dress.. GREAT! If you are the me in this world, than I have three simple rules for you.

1. Take Your Time:

* Go to Barnes & Nobles, get a latte and map out what you love and don’t love about venues you have been too. I knew I wanted something different, but it didn’t map out like that unfortunately, so instead I am making it all my own and adding my own WOW factors. By making a dos/don’t list, you are able to narrow down exactly what your looking for. Lists like these also help to make your life less complicated.

* Once you have figured out what you love and don’t love, sit down and make your list count. A rough draft of exactly how many people you are inviting allows you to further narrow down your venue list. The number of people is important for space, so make sure you have a rough head count prior to falling in love with a venue. Nothing is worse than having your hopes shot down when they cant hold 300 people on a Saturday night.

* Lastly, pick two dates you want to get married on. Anything from June – October is slim pickings if you have limited timing. Also, be sure what day of the week you want to get married on, these steps will help lead you to your next love: Your Venue!

2. Create a Realistic Budget:

* We are all different, some people have help with wedding spending, some people have better jobs, and some of us prefer to do this on our own. Now finance is my thing by nature, or so you would think considering I read balance sheets and analyze company financials for a living, but when it comes to my own life… it’s always been a YOLO moment. DO NOT make that mistake for your wedding. Now if you’re also me and live at home, have three years, than HEY YOLO right? But setting up a realistic budget will help you really measure out what it is you want to spend and where for your big day.


3. Create a Wedding Vision Board:

* How many of you reading forget if you turned your straighter on in the morning? Well, not only do I have a memory of a goldfish, but I also an clinically diagnosed OCD with no medicine. My stress and anxiety allows me to remember not a dam thing, and hey thats okay its what makes me me ! When I started this wedding planning, I decided to create a folder on my phone titled wedding and shower ideas. For every screen shot I took, I placed in this folder and three years later I have referenced it more than ever. A cell phone vision board allows you to have everything at your finger tips and not forget a single thing ! Having this handy also comes in handy when your speaking to your florist, bakery, and even for picking our you’re venue.

Happy Planning Darling!



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