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Say WOW to your dress!

Welcome back brides!

I can not believe January is over. It is scary how this year is already flying by and it’s only the end of month one. I feel like I just made my New Years Resolution… ouch! I hope your not feeling the heat yet on wedding planning and it’s all going smooth.

I recently saw a FaceBook article written by someone that goes unnamed on finding your wedding dress and truthfully it gave me anxiety.  I couldn’t disagree more with almost everything this girl said and I just hope that our Elle readers didn’t read the article and hide under the covers.

I have already spoken about how picking/ finding your dress can be extremely stressful  and also awarding in previous post. I visited three bridal houses prior to creating my gown with Galia Lahav and I felt that was normal! Now I want to share with you my advice and how I’m going to put the kabash on bride who ever and her advice in her article. I get it, everyone has opinions but I know my 2018 brides and I know… what she said isn’t for everyone. Happy shopping !


1. Rule one ( so she said ) don’t bring your bridesmaids:
I agree with this to a certain extend. I do not believe in bringing more than two people to shop with you for your wedding dress but what I don’t agree with her is bridesmaids. This girl seemed to have it out with her maids, but whatever. I have a different rule. I don’t think you should bring anyone who just isn’t a right shopping fit. There are people who are straight up too dam opinionated and therefore, shouldn’t be invited. I suggest to keep it a small and intimate group of people who you can tolerate and who will make you feel great. In regards to the bridesmaids, I don’t think bridesmaids dresses and your wedding gown should be done on the same day. Perhaps that what she meant ! Take wedding dress shopping as a special moment and don’t rush into it. Keep the day to yourself, plan a lunch with drinks and surround yourself with great people.

2. Rule Two: Know what you want:
I disagree ! I don’t think a bride has to know what she wants. Pictures and styles look way different in person and on the body. If a bride is so sure she wants a certain style she can set herself up for disaster. I think understanding what you don’t want is way better! For me I knew I didn’t want ball gowns. I also knew I wanted a certain designer and type of dress. I tried on a ton of different styles just to see. You truly never know what you will fall in love with so I suggest keeping an open mind!

3. Rule Three : Wear proper undergarments.
Okay, I agree to a certain extend. I agree you should be wearing underwear… but you can possibly know what undergarments you will need until you pick your dress. Perhaps she meant on your fitting ??

4. Rule Four : Make an appointment:
I don’t even know why this is a rule. We should all know this !

5. Rule Five : Stick to your price point
I agree. I do think a bride should state her budget at the beginning of your appointment. The last thing you want to do is get crushed when you find your perfect dress and can’t afford it. Know your budget and make sure you are constantly checking to see that the dress is within that budget prior to it going on the body. More often than  not bridal attendance are sales people first. Don’t let them con you into trying and falling for a dress you can’t afford.

6. Rule Six: Wear minimal makeup.
I can not agree with this in a million years. First off, I don’t leave the house without makeup so you shouldn’t be altering they way your compose yourself. Second, those dressing room lights are harsh and can wash you out, minimal makeup can actually send someone into a breakdown. I do suggest never getting a spray tan prior to trying on any sort of clothes. You do not want to ruin a dress in anyway so keep yourself away from the self tanners and spray tans. Try to invasion  what makeup you would want for your wedding and recreate. I did my makeup to my best ability and wore my hair up since I knew that’s how I wanted to look on my special day. The way you look and feel makes your dress shopping experience way better.


Rules to live by, written by Thestylepath!


Concetta Davi

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