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The Three Year Engagement: The ‘Not Your Average Bride’ Guidelines


There is something about engagement that brings all the wackos and their opinions to the yard. If you’re newly engaged, you have no doubt been texted by random people you haven’t spoken to, asked millions of who’s, what’s, where’s, and when’s. There is something about a bright, shinny new ring that awakens everyone and their unsolicited opinions. If you’re like me, these people have made you contemplate Zoloft more than ever.

Who am I?

I’m Concetta Davi, founder of the Lifestyle and Fashion Blog TheStylePath. I am a corporate working woman who, like you is a bride to be. For many readers, you may recognize me for my funny and sarcastic humor towards my hatred for wedding planning and all things wedding. If you’re in my boat, you probably don’t actually hate weddings either, just the annoying people and rules who come with wedding planning.

My story in a nutshell is I waited three years to get married… yes darling three. I constantly make jokes about eloping, and shaving my head, anything to avoid the madness of wedding planning. The truth is, a big part of me LOVES wedding planning and party planning but I believe it’s important to develop coping mechanisms to deal with the people who try to make you feel bad about everything you do.

If you are reading this raise your wine glasses to marching to the beat of your own drum because I’m about to share the five rules to enjoying your engagement and then mastering steps of wedding planning.


1. Please Don’t forget to enjoy your Engagement
– As I stated before, I waited three years for my wedding for one simple reason: Stress! I work a stressful day job with a lot of travel and expectations of me, my fiancé launched a new business and runs a family owned one. Talk about insane! I just wanted to be happy and enjoy all the little things that came along with my newly titled ” fiancé”. I didn’t want to stress so quickly about finances, timing, scheduling etc. I made the choice that fit best for me, but people made me feel awful about it. The WHY, with a look of disgust was what I got.
My bighearted advice to anyone getting married is, follow the beat of your own drum. If you feel it’s best for you to get married in a year and it won’t stress you, DO IT! If you want to travel and take five years, preach girlfriend. It’s important in this time to just live in the moment, put the phone down, stop observing who’s around you and who’s in your ear, enjoy this time because you DON’T get it back. Take how every many days, months, whatever you need to just be happy the wedding planning will be there.

2. Live above the noise
– The one advice I want to give every bride to be, bride and even mommy to be is to live above the noise of people around you. There is always someone who has an nasty comment, unwarranted advice, or criticism…who cares! I spent two years stressing over who would say what about me and to me. So much that I forgot to just have fun with it. If you need to politely remove people from your circle, do it. Negative people don’t belong in your space now or ever. If you’re like me and this is hard for you, surround yourself with people who remind you daily that you’re great. Find yourself a fan club, lord knows I have mine. Separate yourself from other brides, sometimes this only causing more harm than good I promise. Lastly, stop comparing !!!! Trust me, it’s hard I get it but I promise if you can let go just a little you will start to live.

3. Find a De-stressor
– We all have a vice and during wedding planning it’s important to still continue to have a little part of you away from work, weddings, and even family and friends. You’re still very much an individual, remember to take an hour a day to embrace you. I have four different gym memberships, a second job at a boutique, and my blog to help me destress. Find a place where you can kick back and tune out everything causing that tension in your head.

4. Develop a healthy lifestyle
– DO NOT TAKE this as a diet, crash diet, or ticket to order another detox tea. This isn’t what I mean at all! What I mean is, eating better, sleeping, and regular exercise helps to stay zen. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed, you need to look at how you’re living. A healthy bride is a beautiful bride.

5. Stay organized
– It’s important to stay focused and organized during your time of wedding preparation and planning. Start by organizing yourself, by noting colors, details, or anything you want in your big day. Stay away from those over crowded binders you get at Michaels because those bad boys cause anxiety. Stay focused on separating your daily life from wedding planning and please, please do not be one of those “My wedding brides “. Everyone thinks their wedding is great ladies!

Stay Tuned-

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