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Welcome back !

I hope all you readers are settled into 2018, your diets, New Years resolutions, and back to wedding planning! I know I cracked the whip and hit the ground sprinting toward my goals and timelines. Time is ticking faster and faster for me and I am so glad I have the right team in place to help me with shower planning, wedding decor, invites, and overall keeping me organized.

I have to admit, I am a type A personality. Everything I do is orderly and timely, I hate delayed people who take years to respond. When I began wedding planning, I thought I had the right tools and people in place. I was working with someone who was  recommended. This particular  person may have been right for the recommender in events but I quickly learned we were not a match. I wasn’t getting answers on my scheduled timeline and when I did I was highly disappointed. Now, I’m not a BrideZilla ( or at least I don’t think I’m too difficult ) but I have my moments and I especially have them when things aren’t done timely . After a few breakdowns, I decided I need to take control of the matter and move on to my own picks.

I don’t have a ” wedding planner ” per say, but I do have a team of people in charge of each event. From decor , invites, cake , ceremony details, and leading to day of prep; I found it very important to have professionals in charge who understand my vision, pay attention to detail, are  time efficient, and make magic happen. A bride needs to be heard and understood with exactly what she needs and has dreamed of. If your not getting heard/ understood your not going to get what you want simple as that!

So 2018 bride’s, you found your soul mate and now it’s time to find your planning match !


1. Instagram: I find Instagram to be important  when it comes to seeing people’s work come to life. There are a lot of ” outdated ” wedding coordinators out there who says they can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Instagram allows you to see a work and also allows you to connect with bride’s that  may have worked with the person ! Don’t be shy to message around to get the truth. A lot of times, wedding websites tell a one sided story.

I had an experience where I hired someone who had bad reviews. After reading the horror online , I turned to a recent bride on Facebook who was able to  give me direct examples of what happened and why. Using social media to your advantage during wedding planning is key. It also allows you to create folders and personal albums with what you like. I’ve said this all before but being organized will help you out  during wedding planning.

2. Find a match! I am beyond glad I found Gabrielle and Barbara at Elle New York. They saved me during an awful mental breakdown with my last coordinator and have delivered with my visions since. Finding someone who can become more of a friend to you is KEY. If you can’t email your coordinator with random facts about your wedding, you have the wrong one. The person you choose needs  be able to see and create your vision. They need to be able to relate to you and your wedding goals. They also, need to be able to keep you in line when your slacking( EX: me with addresses for my bridal shower ) sorry Elle !!!! I love that throughout my whole process, I have gotten updates on what is done and where we are at in planning. You should find that with anything you do wedding wise.

3. Florist/ Decorator: Wedding decor makes a difference! I am not crafty or a DIY type of girl so finding a florist/ decorator was key in my planning. I had a certain florist in mind since I had gotten engaged, I had seen her work and knew she could recreate my whole wedding vision board. I called her almost a year in advance to set up my apt. On that day I brought in everything I wanted and spoke to her about what was important to me. She had worked at my venue and knew the Ins and outs of my wedding venue which allowed me to see visions and understand layouts. I’m not saying a florist who has been to your venue is a must , but it sure is helpful.

4. Day of / leading up to: Like most bride’s, I have a full time job and 1000000 other things that I have going on. In recent weeks, I’ve taken on bigger events and tasks that make it easy to push aside wedding details. I quickly realized I needed help. I needed someone not necessarily involved with my wedding details and decor but someone who was around my area, knew me personally, and could just handle it when I was traveling and couldn’t deal. I hired Alkmini O’Brien of For the Love of Details, a Red Bank local to handle all of my vendor contacts, personal errands for week/ day of , and day of coordinator. I knew I would not want to be sweating the small stuff leading up to my wedding and this made sense.

Let me just say, this was the best money ever spent.  I had a situation for rehearsal dinner which was causing me a great deal of stress. Within an hour, Alkmini was able to handle it and it was settled ! Having someone with connections near/ or around your town or wedding town is extremely helpful. I highly recommend having a coordination to help you just handle it and someone who is separate from your decor/ wedding fundamentals.

Simple rules to live by during this time: find someone who gets it and let them handle it ! Take the load off so you can relax and enjoy your planning and not be so overwhelmed. Meet your wedding match! I am so grateful for these ladies and everyone else involved in my planning.

Concetta Davi
TheStylePath @thestylepath

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