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Five tips for planning the perfect bridal shower–or any fun event!

1-Think like a creative director

Yes, you! You are in charge of this project and as the creative director it’s your job to tell a cohesive story. First tip-Think of the big picture. Run through the entire event in your mind paying close attention to how your guests are going to FEEL as they work their way through the room. Is there adequate staff to help carry bulky shower gifts? Is the coat check in a clear spot? When they enter the room- how is it lit? Are you adding up-lighting or did you choose soft candle light. You want to think about things that are personal to people- is the room scented in a certain way? Are the tables arranged that there is enough room for people to walk by? A creative director is of course responsible for executing a theme but also for all the other elements that help shape a brand. Today, you are branding yourself.


2- Create a vision board

Vision board, mood board or pintrest board- what ever you like works. The important aspect here is to have all your creative energies channeled into one place. Put together things that inspire you. It can be a vintage poster or the way certain colors look together. It can be nature or home décor. This is an easy way to show vendors what creative language your speaking. It is also a way to focus yourself if you start going off track.


3 - Pick vendors wisely and reuse them

Your only as good as they people you surround yourself with. This is especially true when event planning. Find vendors you jive with but most importantly, you trust. I also recommend to use as few vendors as possible. This helps create symmetry within the event and also allows for less risk. Most importantly, let your vendors do their job! You choose them because you trusted them. Let the professionals execute with your guidance, of course.


4 - Theme, theme, theme

I’m a sucker for a theme party. Pick something and stick to it. A theme can be a color or a mix of colors. A theme can be a certain flower or a genre of time. A theme can also be a feeling. Whatever you choose- follow it though to the end.


5 - Rethink the norm

Stop thinking about what you “should” do and rather embrace what you “want to” do! Not every event needs assigned seating nor does it need a traditional menu. Pick things that represent your personal style. Take a chance, remember, this is (supposed to be) fun!

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