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Diamond Dust Picture Guide

“Diamond dust” is a unique process in which we apply thousands of tiny cut diamond dust pieces to the surface of your photograph. The key to a beautiful, sparkly, diamond dust, is choosing the right photograph "

Things to keep in mind when choosing your photograph:

  1. The larger the print size of your photograph, the more you will be able to see details.
  2. Lighter and brighter photographs generally look more vibrant and sparkly.
  3. Vibrant, saturated and contrasting colors stand out more than dark monochromatic hues.
  4. The Diamond dust process may slightly obscure small details in your photograph such as small words, or facial features.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • We do not recommend reframing your Diamond dust. This is a work of art that is carefully framed in our studio. Removal from its frame can cause Diamond dust particles to fall off. Diamond dust particles are sharp and can cut skin.
  • Essentially, to diamond dust a photograph is to add a sparky filter over it. The vibrancy and sparkle of the diamond dust transforms your photograph into an impressionistic work of art. Therefore, small details may appear faint. Remember, this is the whole look and idea of the Diamond dust artwork and should be embraced.
  • Keep your finished Diamond dust artwork out of direct sunlight and extreme humidity.
  • For canvas prints, it is normal and expected that some diamond dust will fall off at the beginning. We actually add extra with that in mind.

You are purchasing a one of a kind work of art that is selected by you and customized for you! There will be slight variations in your Diamond dust due to it's hand made nature. Because of this, All sales are final.